Acting Classes


Acting Classes for 2023-24 will commence on Tuesday, September 12 and run through May 17.
Aisling Halpin will be the Acting Instructor for Acting 1 (ages 8-12).
Donna Scheer will be the Acting Instructor for Acting 2 and Acting 3 (by Recommendation) this season.

Acting 1 meets on Tuesdays, 4-5 pm
Acting 2 meets on Wednesdays, 5:15-6:15 pm
Acting 3 meets on Wednesdays, 3:15-4:15 pm

Cost: $600 payable monthly at $75/month.  There is no refund for missed classes.

Please download the registration form attached, complete, scan and email to

Class Curriculum:

Performance Techniques
Arts History
Dialects and Accents
Fundamentals of Acting
Drama Class Fundamentals
Physical and Emotional Craft of Acting
Acting Methods: Stanislavsky, Meisner and Chekhov
Exercises and Improv, Scene Work and Monologues
Character Analysis
Creating a dramatic character
Expressiveness and Volume Projection
Inflections, Articulations, Speech rates, phrasing